There are currently 13 members of faculty, 13 of which hold doctorate degrees. Among these are 4professors, 7associate professors, 2assistant professor . Many of our professors are distinguished in their fields of research which include: Sociological Theory, European Intellectual History, Social Research Methods, Historical Sociology, Economic Sociology, Urban Sociology, Political Sociology, Social Organization, Sociology of Education, Social Movement, Social Stratification, Labor Market, Visual Culture, Class Analysis, Post-colonial Studies, Gender Studies and STS.


Position Name Highest Degree Specialty Contact
Associate Professor; Chair Hsu, Kan-Lin Ph.D., University of Lancaster Economic Sociology,Sociology of Health and Illness,State Theory 04-23590121ext.36320
Professor Tsay, Ruey-Ming Ph.D., Cornell University Social Stratification, Organizational Sociology, Sociology of Education, Social Research Methods 04-23590121 ext. 36314
Professor Chao, Yen-ning Ph.D., Cornell University Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Transnational and Migration Studies 04-23590121ext.36308
Professor Liu, Jeng Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin Labor Market, Productivity Studies, Quantitative Methods, Organizational Theory and Design 04-23590121ext.36312
Professor Yang, You-Ren Ph.D., National Taiwan University , Taiwan Global Production Networks(GPNs), Critical Urban Studies, China’s Neo-liberal Urban-rural Transition, Cultural Activism and Social Movement 04-23590121ext.36310
Associate Professor Jeng, Fei-wen Ph.D., University of Lancaster Cultural and Gender Studies, Visual Culture Post-colonial Theory 04-23590121ext.36317
Associate Professor Jeng, Chih-cheng Ph.D., Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelm-Universitaet Bonn / Germany) Sociological Theory, Intellectual History of Europe, Methodology, Historical Sociology 04-23590121ext.36318
Associate Professor Wang. Wei-pang Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin Quantitative Methods, Sociology of Health and Illness, Aging and Life Course, Sociology of Mental Health 04-23590121ext.36315
Associate Professor Chen, Yi-Chun Ph.D., Institut d’études politiques de Paris,Sciences Po Sociological Theory, Sociology of Art and Culture, Contemporary French Critical Theory 04-23590121 ext. 36309
Associate Professor Wahn, I-Liang Ph.D., University of Essex, UK Sustainable/ Ethical consumption,Social and solidarity economy,Economic sociology,sustainable development,alternative agrifood movement 04-23590121ext.36313
Associate Professor Hsieh, Chih-Lung  Ph.D., Department of Sociology, Tunghai University Social Stratification, Sociology of Education, Social Research Methods,Social Statistics 04-23590121 ext. 36311
Assistant Professor Hsiao, Wei-Hsin Dr. phil., Fakultaet fuer Kulturreflexion, Universitaet Witten/Herdecke, Germany Sociological Theory、History of Social Thoughts 、Sociology of Information Technology、Social System Theory 04-23590121 ext.36316
Assistant Professor Chang, Tun-Wei Dr. phil., Institute of Sociology, University of Frankfurt am Main, Germany Sociological Theory、History of Social Thought、Historical Sociology、Political Sociology、Philosophy of Social Sciences 04-23590121 ext.36319


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