Graduate Program

The goal of the master’s and doctorate programs is to cultivate outstanding social researchers and sociological scholars, thereby raising the quality and standard of this field. In order to reach this goal, the department employs professors that uphold a commitment to excellent research and teaching quality. Under the guidance and encouragement of our faculty, students are able to develop their own ideas and interests. Also, through the writing of research papers, tests, thesis and dissertation, students can improve their ability to express difficult ideas and their overall language skills.

To assist students meet the financial burdens of studying, we offer a number of scholarships such as teaching assistant scholarship and research assistant scholarship. Rewards are also available to students who write outstanding dissertations or have their articles published. The department strongly encourages students to participate in programs sponsored by the ROC Ministry of Education, the National Science Council and other organizations to allow students to go abroad for short-period research projects. The department also encourages graduate students to present their research papers at national and international conferences either independently or in cooperation with their professor.

In addition to the TA and RA scholarships, the department offers an array of opportunities to students enrolled in the graduate programs. Every semester a thesis seminar is held to give students more chances to communicate ideas and opinions to each other while getting feedback on their thesis. In order to enhance the quality and atmosphere of discussions among doctorate students, they are encouraged to conduct interscholastic seminars on specialized subjects twice a year. Furthermore, the master’s and doctorate students work in collaboration with their undergraduate classmates to hold a study group in order to create an environment of mutual learning for everyone.

To increase the knowledge and capacities of the students, every semester one tenured professor is invited from other university to our department to give lectures and presentations. These lectures, as well as the presentations and discussions that follow, enhance the learning environment for the students.

Graduation Requirements

Students enrolled in the master’s program need 30 credits to graduate. Required credits account for 15 of the total needed and consist of: Thesis (6), Quantitative Research Methods (3) or Qualitative Methods(3), Thesis writing class (3), and Sociological Theory (3). The remaining 15 credits are from elective courses.

Students enrolled in the doctorate program need 46 credits to graduate. Required credits account for 18 of the total needed and consist of: Dissertation (12),Thesis writing class(II) (3), Sociological Theory (二)(3). The remaining 28 credits are from elective courses.

Apart from the required courses mentioned above, master’s and doctorate students can choose from a range of elective courses according to their interests and research domain. All of the elective courses we offer generally fall under one of three areas of concentration along with a growing number of courses in STS.

Students enrolled in our master’s program must choose one of three areas of concentration to pursue studies in that field and write their master’s thesis. Doctorate students must choose two areas of concentration to study and are allowed to independently arrange their research plan and classes. Students that are not enrolled in the graduate programs but are interested in taking classes offered by the sociology department must apply to do so. Credits are awarded based upon THU guidelines.

Credit Transfer Regulations

Students who wish to transfer credits from other schools must first have permission from the department chair. If approved, one-third of the total credits awarded at other schools will be transferred.

TA and RA Scholarships

Teaching Assistant (T.A.) Scholarship

Every semester, 14 applicants are chosen to receive our teaching assistant scholarship. This monthly scholarship of 6000NT is available only to students enrolled in our master’s and doctorate programs.

Research Assistant (R.A.) Scholarship

Every year, a monthly scholarship of between 8000NT to 12000NT is available to master’s and doctorate students interested in becoming a research assistant. Only 20-25 applicants will be accepted. The content of work done by the research assistant is to be decided between the professor and the student.