Undergraduate Program

The goals of the department are to both train students to acquire the skills that a sociologist needs while also teaching them ways to live a productive life. To reach these goals, the department maintains an outstanding level of education to teach students and guide them through their studies to reach their potential.

To help strengthen the core competencies of the students, every required course has one or two teaching assistants chosen from either the senior class or master’s/doctorate students to aid the undergraduates understand the course material. The interactions between the senior and freshman students created by this program help both the teaching assistants with their teaching skills and the freshmen gain a deeper understanding of sociology.

Every year, the department invites local and foreign scholars to give speeches and attend conferences to expose the students to new ideas. The students are also encouraged to take part in programs with Tunghai’s sister schools to allow them to study abroad. Participation in these exchange programs will let them experience firsthand that they are part of the global society.

With guidance from a faculty member, undergraduate students can apply for small research grants offered yearly by the ROC National Science Council (NSC). Winning applicants will receive a certificate along with the research grant. The department also holds a yearly essay competition that the students are encouraged to participate in.

Required and Elective Courses

The department requires all undergraduate students to complete 128 credits to graduate; 76 credits from required courses and 52 credits from elective courses.

Required courses

The required courses are designed to give students a solid foundation of sociology for their future study or work. Through these courses students become familiar to most sociological works and recent publications.

Elective courses

The elective courses offered by the department change yearly depending on the faculty’s interest and student’s needs. These courses generally fall into one of the three areas of concentration, along with a growing number of courses in STS.

Double Majors, Major with a Minor and ‘Business and Society’

Students enrolled in our department have the option of taking a double major, a major with a minor, or the department’s Business and Society program.

Double Majors: Students who choose to take double majors will be awarded a degree for both majors. For example, a student who takes a double major in Law will be awarded both a Sociology degree and Law degree. As there are no restrictions on which subjects the student can double major in, the student can choose according to their own interest. All 2nd year students and above interested in double majors need to contact the department office within three days of the start of school to apply.

Major with a minor: Students can also take a minor in another subject on top of their sociology major. There are no restrictions on which fields the student can minor in. All 2nd year students and above interested in taking a major with a minor need to contact the department office the department office before May of every year.

Another option for students is to take our series of courses entitled ‘Business and Society’. This program, created in 2005, is specifically designed for students that have a special interest in business and business administration. Through this program, the students learn about what effects globalization has had upon Taiwan, China, and East Asia and how to react to future changes in a business environment. Upon completion, students will be awarded with a certificate.

Preparatory Graduate Students

Third year students and above that rank within the top 30 percent of their class can apply to become a ‘preparatory graduate student’. Students that successfully apply for this can take classes that are usually open only to graduate students. Credits they receive for these classes count towards the total number of credits needed to complete the graduate program.